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5 Steps to Take After a Home Robbery

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Studies show that a break-in happens every 26 seconds in the United States, which means about 2.5 million such incidents every year. And sadly, more than half of them occur in homes. Our homes are safe havens for us, but unfortunately, they are just as prone to getting robbed. If that happens to your home, it can leave you in a state of panic and distress.

Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do after a home robbery:

Call the Police

After a break-in, it can be confusing as to what your next step should be. Should you call insurance, or check your home for valuables or just wait for someone to help? The answer is to call the police through a 911 emergency as soon as possible. Calling authorities at the earliest gives them a head start on catching the thieves and gathering evidence and clues.

Do not disturb the crime scene

After a robbery, your home becomes a crime scene, and tampering with anything can reduce the chances of finding the burglars. Avoid touching anything so that authorities can trace fingerprints of culprits.

File the reports

Once the authorities come and check out the crime scene, they will ask you to file an official report in which you have to give the details of the incident, the stolen property list, and everything you can think of to help with the investigation. If you have a surveillance camera, you can share its recordings as well. You should also file an insurance claim with your homeowner’s insurance provider to get coverage for any damage and lost property.

Get the repairs done

Once the police clear your home and get the insurance claims, you can start the restoration project. The burglars may have damaged many things in your home to get in and locate valuables. You may have to deal with broken windows, locks, and other belongings. Take an inventory of all damage and check what you have to pay for yourself and what will be covered under insurance, then make your plans accordingly.

Prevent future break-ins

A robbery doesn’t merely damage your house or property. It affects your emotional well-being too. You may find it challenging to feel safe in a place you call home. One way to restore your peace of mind and prevent further occurrences is to invest in advanced security appliances and systems. Replace old locks with advanced ones, add motion sensors to windows and doors, burglar alarms, and an in-home security system.

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