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5 Useful Ways to Use Door and Window Sensors

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

With the crime rate increasing in the country, homeowners are more focused than ever on keeping their homes safe. As a result, motion sensors are becoming an integral part of people’s home security systems. Motion sensors have a magnetic field covering the area of your door and windows, and when someone opens the door, the field breaks, and your security system gets an alert. However, motion sensors have far more uses than just covering your doors and windows.

Here are five different ways you can use door and window sensors to make your home safer.

Add them to your cabinets and drawers

Often, parents want to keep an eye on their child’s activities in the house when they are not around. And most often, it is to safeguard them against things that can be dangerous to them. For example, the liquor cabinet, the medicine boxes, precious jewelry, gun safe, etc. By adding door and window sensors to the storerooms where such items are kept, parents can be alerted quickly if their child opens the door and tampers with the belonging in it.

Add them to your pool gates

If you have kids in your home who are very young and don’t know how to swim yet, having a pool can become worrisome. You don’t want your kids to go to the pool area without adult supervision, but it can be challenging to keep an eye on them 24X7. Adding motion sensors to your pool gate can help you overcome such worries. You can be notified instantly if anyone tries to enter the pool without your knowledge, even when you are not around.

Add them to the pet door

It is not just the kids homeowners have to worry about entering places they should not. Often if you have a dog or a cat, they can enter spaces they should not search fortreatsIfngs. They can also leave the house through pet doors. Therefore, knowing with no warning. Having such areas and doors installed with motion sensors allows you to keep track of your pet’s whereabouts in your home. It gives you peace of mind that your furry friend is safe inside your home when you are not there.

Keep your closet lights on

It is a common household problem that you can't find the light switch for your closets in the dark. And sometimes even your hands are not free to switch on the light easily by installing the sensor and fixing the button If, tell the door opens If solve this problem forever.

Make your garage door safer

Garage doors are often used as the main entrance in many homes in the United States. If you use one as the same installing motion sensor can tell you if you leave your garage door open. That way, you can come back and close the door to secure your home.

About Alarmco Smart Home Security

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