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5 Benefits of Smart Home Security

Updated: May 20, 2021

Smart home security acts as your eyes and ears when you are away at work or on an extended vacation, deterring criminals from breaking into your house and monitoring your loved ones, pets, and valuables. Here we list five benefits of Shreveport security systems.


It is always risky to keep valuables, such as jewelry, appliances, electronics, and other expensive items at home. A safe can protect such things, but it is not foolproof. Meanwhile, having a smart home camera will provide you ready evidence of any untoward activity. You can use the video footage to identify the robber and even recover your stolen things. Burglars are wary of breaking into houses with smart home security. Especially, having home security systems in Louisiana will help you a lot from robbery and mishappenings.

Remote access

No matter where you are, you can directly access the feed of your indoor/outdoor cameras on your smartphone. It allows you to control smart thermostats, lighting, door locks, and other intelligent devices. Thanks to smart home security, you can open or close your smart garage without getting out of your car. All it would take is a tap on your phone.

Smart alarm and locks

A smart alarm system allows you to arm or disarms your home at your convenience via a smartphone or a tablet. When triggered, the alarm system can take specific actions such as informing the police, recording video through indoor cameras and turning on lights.

You can arm the house when leaving in a hurry or unlock the house and garage when you are about to reach home. Smart alarms and locks also let you monitor and manage who enters or leaves your home, giving only family members access.

Lighting control

With smart home security, you can switch on the lights at night even when you’re away on vacation. All you need to do is tap on the ‘Away’ option. It will lock all the doors and windows, arm the alarm, and adjust the lighting at night to make it look as if someone is home. Burglars will notice the lights and think twice before breaking-in.

Close monitoring

Thanks to the remote access that security cameras provide, you can look at how your pets are doing or if your children have returned from school. Security cameras will also help you monitor and communicate with your children’s babysitter or your grandparent’s nurse by allowing you to talk to them any time you want. They help the caretakers summon first responders with a push of a button in case of emergencies. Some indoor security cameras are paired with a mic and speaker that allow you and the caretaker to communicate with each other.

About Alarmco Smart Home Security

If you want to install smart home security systems in your house, Alarmco Smart Home Security should be your one-stop-shop. Our one of the best alarm companies in Louisiana employ innovative technology to keep your people and property safe. You can call us at 8774468100 for a free quote for Shreveport home security systems or email us at to know more about our Louisiana home security systems.

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