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All About Glass Break Detectors

Updated: May 26, 2021

When paired with other smart security systems, motion and entry sensors on doors/windows can offer impenetrable protection to your property. The system activates to sound an alarm when an intruder attempts entry. However, motion sensors fail to detect the intrusion when the glass is broken through.

A glass break detector is a sensor that alerts homeowners and the emergency services when door or window glass is broken. It works in conjunction with window/door sensors to provide comprehensive protection from unwelcome visitors.

Types of glass break detectors

There are two main types of glass sensors, differing in how they sense broken glass:

i. Shock glass break alarm: A shock-detecting sensor picks up on vibrations from broken glass. It comprises an electrical wire that attaches directly to each window/door you want to protect. A vibration caused due to the breaking of glass also breaks the wire’s electrical current, which sets off the alarm.

ii. Acoustic glass break alarm: An acoustic sensor detects the specific sound frequency of breaking glass using a tiny microphone. It is an excellent choice if you have several glass windows and doors close to each other. For a small or medium-sized room, one sensor is usually sufficient. However, for larger drawing rooms or halls, you may require more than one sensor.

How to set up glass break detectors

Glass break alarm detectors are relatively easy to install. In most cases, homeowners can do it on their own. Here is a step-by-step DIY installation guide:

Step 1: Determine the number of sensors for each room

A shock detector requires one sensor per window or door, whereas acoustic sensors require only one unit per room. For acoustic sensors, you’ll have to ensure that each unit can receive sound from all sections of the room. Be mindful of the fact that curtains and blinds may muffle the sound to an extent.

Step 2: Install the sensors

Each sensor comes with instructions to ensure that the glass break alarm system runs as it should. You have to mount each unit directly on the glass of each window/door. For acoustic glass break detectors, mount the sensors to a wall or the ceiling.

Step 3: Activate and test the sensors

Activate your sensors and link them with your central security system. To test the acoustic system, play a YouTube clip with a high-pitched noise on your phone. You can test a shock glass break detector by tapping the glass with a rubber or plastic object.

While testing, adjust the sensors to ensure they are adequately sensitive to vibrations and sound. If you aren’t sure how to test the system, call professionals to install the sensors and run a test.

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