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An Introduction to Home Automation and Home Security

Updated: May 26, 2021

Home automation is a smart device that lets you regulate your home’s features with a central unit (hub) and a smartphone. The term refers to anything that can be hooked up to a remotely controllable network. It includes programmable devices, like thermostats, sprinkler systems, lights, electrical outlets, home appliances, and air conditioning systems. It also covers alarm systems like doors and windows sensors, locks, glass sensors, smoke detectors, carbon mono oxide detectors, and surveillance cameras.

How does it work?

Internet of Things or IoT is a technology that assigns an IP address to devices for remote monitoring and accessibility.

The ability to program and schedule events is just one of the two chief characteristics of home automation. The second is internal programming, which includes time-related or sensor-triggered commands.

Elements of home automation

1. Smart hub: The command center is the centerpiece of your smart home security ecosystem that connects your devices and enables communication.

2. Mobile apps: These apps are connected to the smart hub for remote control and monitoring of all smart devices.

3. Smart devices: These are the real workhorses of a home automation system. They execute commands received from the smart hub.

Common devices

  • Security gadgets: Security cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors

  • Healthcare devices: Humidifiers and smart scales

  • Appliances: Smart refrigerators, coffee pots, washing machines, dishwashers, and ovens

  • Power regulators: Remote sprinklers, smart switches, and strips

  • Entertainment pieces: Smart TVs, wireless speakers, and film projectors

  • Lighting controls: Dimmers, light strips, lightbulbs, and switches

Home Security

Home security systems are a part of home automation that only focuses on electronic components that work together to protect a home.

Types of home security systems

  • Wired: Hardwired into a home’s existing electrical system

  • Wireless: A combination of Wi-Fi, batteries, and/or cellular backup, which connects to the app and monitoring center

  • Smart: Connects the internet, allows live streaming of security camera footage, syncs with a mobile app, offers remote control, and sends notifications when a breach occurs

  • Local only: No remote monitoring or control

Elements of home security system

  • Keypad: Use a code to arm or disarm a security system

  • Key fob: Disarm or arm the security system using keys

  • Panic button: The easiest way to alert emergency services like police, ambulance, or the fire department

  • Base station: A central hub that connects all devices to a mobile application for monitoring and control

Common devices

  • Security camera: When hooked up to Wi-Fi, they enable remote live stream and notifications if cameras detect movement. Some also include cloud or local storage, infrared or color night vision, and two-way audio.

  • Motion sensor: They can detect motion and arm the alarm system.

  • Entry sensor: Contact sensors with magnets; one on the door/window and another on the frame, to detect movement

  • Glass break sensor: Detects either the vibration or sound of breaking glass

  • Smoke and CO detectors: Sends an alert if the indoor air becomes unsafe to breathe

About Alarmco Smart Home Security

We offer a wide range of packages and gadgets for security, surveillance, and home automation. We use Brinks Home Security’s panel and mobile app to control smart home devices remotely. If you are a resident of Shreveport, LA, and want to set up a home security system, call us at 8774468100. You can also email us at, and we will customize a package according to your requirements.

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Unknown member
Oct 30, 2021

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Unknown member
Oct 27, 2021

Last week, a locksmith has helped me installing the Smart locks in my home and i am sure now there are only few things left to install to have proper home automation.


Unknown member
Oct 25, 2021

I am concerned about home security and i decided to take help from a locksmith doing home automation.


Unknown member
Oct 23, 2021

Home automation is important as you can operate home devices through your phone and restrict the entry of strangers. A locksmith can install those devices easily.


Unknown member
Sep 25, 2021

By doing home automation, you can have the overall control of the home in your hands. Hire a locksmith in case you are unable to have the feature.

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