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9 Home Security System Components You Should Know About

Updated: May 20, 2021

It is crucial to keep your house guarded when no one’s home. Smart home technology makes it easier to do it. A fully-equipped home security system comes with several components, such as motion sensors, cameras, and smoke detectors, that work together to keep you and your family safe.

Here we will discuss nine significant components of a complete smart home security system that you should know about.


Placed at the heart of the alarm system, it communicates with all installed systems and allows you to remotely arm/disarm them. You can control the panel from your phone.

Door and window sensors

They get active when you are away from home, setting off security alarms to detect something unusual.

Motion sensors

They can recognize heat and movement from a distance and supplement door and window sensors when active. They have various uses—setting off the alarm, activating/deactivating cameras, turning on indoor and outdoor smart lights, and more. It’s their many benefits that make them a preferred choice among all kinds of home alarm systems.

Panic buttons

They allow you to automatically alert the authorities in case of an emergency without you having to dial numbers.

Indoor/outdoor cameras

They form the core of any security system. Indoor/outdoor cameras can be your eyes, monitoring your home and yard while you are away, and send the feed to your phone or tablet. There are also hidden doorbell cameras that record and store footage online for safekeeping.

Glass-break detectors

These are handy sensors that set off the alarm when they detect the sound of shattering glass. They help prevent break-ins, making them an essential security system component. An inexpensive investment, they are placed indoors near the window glasses.

Smoke detectors

If your home doesn’t have a smoke detector already, you can get it as a part of a new home security system. Some latest designs also speak out the alerts, letting everyone know the area in danger.

Carbon monoxide detectors

Though less common than smoke detectors, they play an equally curial role in alerting you about this tasteless, colorless, and odorless harmful gas. Many people are hospitalized each year because of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you want to upgrade your security system or purchase a new one, make sure you get a carbon monoxide detector to keep a tab on this poisonous gas.

Temperature sensors

They check the indoor environment and contact the monitoring panel if they find it below or above the pre-set standards. If you have a smart thermostat, the temperature sensor will keep your home’s indoor temperature and air quality in control. They also prevent the pipes from freezing during winter and are of great use if you have a wine cellar or other areas that require regulated temperature.

Upgrade your home security

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