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Smart Garage Opener Benefits

Updated: May 20, 2021

Replacing your manual garage door with an automatic is a smart investment. A smart garage is connected to your home's internet and your smartphone. You can control it from anywhere in the world, and it's password-protected, offering round the clock security. It can keep your house and family safe.

Getting a smart garage can seem to be a little over the top, but you will be amazed by the benefits it brings along. Let's have a look at a few ways a smart garage can make your life easier.

Open and Close From Anywhere

We all have wished not to step out of our cars to open garage doors every night. With a smart garage, you can open the door from anywhere in the world. Even when you aren't home and have a delivery coming, an automatic garage has your covered. If your partner has lost keys, or you want to give access to your friends, a smart garage makes it easy to do so.

Added Security

A lot of robbers enter from garages that are left open by mistake. We leave our garage doors open more than we care to admit. Having an automatic garage will add an extra level of security for your home. The safety works on two levels - you will know when your garage is open, and you can always monitor who goes in and out of your garage.

Automatic Open and Closing

Several smart home automation garage systems offer automatic closing and opening options that work with a sensor attached to your car. The sensor attached to your garage door can sense your vehicle's movement and will automatically open and close.

Scheduling Open/Close Time

If the garage serves as the main entrance to your house or you want it open at a specific time, you can do that with automatic systems. You can schedule it to be open or close to a particular time, saving you ample time and energy. If you leave your house and come back at a specific time during the week, you can set it to open for 10 minutes, every day.


If you are worried about the installation cost, let us assure you that this added safety pays off in the long run.

You can shut down your smart garage door when you are away on vacation, lowering your electricity usage. This is also efficient for your carbon footprint. It also saves you from thefts, keeping your valuables safe.

Alarmco Home Security

If you are looking for a smart garage door, Alarmco Home Security is here for you. We are passionate about providing smart home automation like Automatic Garage Doors for our customers, so they are at peace. Our home automation products and home security systems in Louisiana will help you lead a better and safe life.

If you are interested in learning more about our products, don't hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to answer your questions. You can reach us at 877.446.8100 or email us at

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