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5 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Intelligent security systems are continually evolving with modern and versatile features to make your home safer. The best part is these systems can be automated and controlled through a central hub and your smartphone.

If you want to protect your home from burglars and untoward incidents using a combination of smart security systems or security cameras in Shreveport, these five tips can help you.

Avoid public display of wealth

It is the most basic advice that you should follow, irrespective of whether your home is equipped with smart security systems or not. Avoid public display of your valuables and keep your purchases low key. It is better for your safety that your neighbors, friends, and acquaintances don’t know your real economic standing.

Don’t hide the key

Consider a day when your partner or children forget to take the keys with them. As a quick solution, you hide them in a pot or under the doormat, making it easy for a burglar to get in.

Instead, switch to a smart door lock system that only you and your family members can open through a code. It will allow them into your home or garage without risking hiding a spare key in plain sight for thieves.

Don't let them know you are away

Leave the lights and TV switched on whenever everyone in the family is going away for a vacation to create the impression that someone is home. However, it will shoot up your electricity bill.

But with smart systems, you can schedule your lights and TV to switch on during the night and switch off with daybreak. It will make the prowlers believe that there are people inside the house and they won't try to break in.

Invest in motion-activated lights

Motion-activated lights are an excellent investment for lawns and outdoors and a foolproof way of keeping burglars and criminals away from your property. The lights will turn on when they sense any activity, alarming burglars, and preventing them from breaking in. Motion-activated lights can be a part of your extensive smart outdoor security system, along with cameras and smart locks.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Smart fire detectors equipped with alarms can warn you ahead of time in case of emergencies. Thanks to their sensors, they will trigger an alarm in case of fire or an increased amount of carbon monoxide in your home, ensuring that your family is always safe.

About Alarmco Smart Home Security

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