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5 Tips to Reduce False Alarms in Your Home

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Advanced security systems help you feel safe in your homes. However, whenever the alarm goes off, your heart skips a beat. Sadly, up to 98% of the time, it is a false alarm. Such a staggering rate of false alarms can reduce our reliance on them and also diminish our peace of mind significantly. Taking a few preventive measures can dramatically reduce the number of false alarms and make your security system more reliable.

Here are five tips to help you reduce the number of false alarms in your home:

Use pet-friendly motion sensors

Pets often are the culprits behind false alarms in your home. There is nothing you can do about your pet moving into your home or trying to go outside. What you can do is replace your motion sensors with pet-friendly sensors. These sensors can differentiate between pet movements and humans so your pets can move around freely without triggering an alarm.

Practice entering your code

Another common reason for false alarms is incorrect passcodes. Ensure that you and everyone in the family know the correct passcodes and how to enter them correctly in the first go. Let everyone in the family know when you change the passcode so that police don’t come running when someone enters a wrong code. If guests are coming over, explain the working of your alarms systems to them to not mistakenly raise the alarm. Apart from the embarrassment, it creates the authorities can also penalize you for false alarms.

Secure your doors and windows

Sometimes nothing more than a gusty wind can raise the alarm if you leave your door and window open. Motion sensors are triggered as soon as the door or window moves due to the wind. Therefore, ensure that you blot and secure all the openings before you arm your security system.

Keep all your security equipment in good condition

Sometimes, a false alarm is caused by a faulty alarm system or dysfunctional motion sensor. To prevent that from happening:

  • Ensure that all your security equipment is well maintained.

  • Change the batteries for your alarms systems at regular intervals.

  • Take the help of a professional to take care of any other maintenance issues.

Keep the area around the sensors clear

Another common reason for false alarm triggers in your home is the motion sensor going off because an object broke the magnetic shield. Even innocent things like flyaway balloons or a passing ball can trigger them. Therefore, ensure that the area uncovered in the magnetic shield of your motion sensors is not breached with anything.

About Alarmco Smart Home Security

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