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5 Ways Modern Home Security Systems Help Pet Owners

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

About 67% of homeowners in the United States own a pet. A lot of pet owners are apprehensive about installing home security systems in their homes as they believe that home security systems and pets don't mix well. Dog owners also feel that they don't require a home security system as the dog can alert them of any intruders. However, innovative home security systems are designed so that they are pet-friendly. They also keep your pets safe from any harm.

Here we tell you how modern home security systems can help you keep your home and pets safe.

Remote monitoring keeps an eye on your pet

Advanced video camera comes with remote monitoring you can see through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere on the globe. It allows you to check on your pets when you are out working or on vacation. You can also install a video camera outside in your yard to monitor your pets when they are playing.

Wireless technology offers convenience

Every pet owner fears that their furry friend may chew off on the wires, trigger alarms, and make a complete mess of the entire security system. Wireless technology takes care of such problems. You can also find alarms that can differentiate between the movements of pets and humans, so the alarm is triggered only when there are intruders.

Know when your pet tries to go out

How often does your dog or cat try to take out treats from the cupboard or go out of the door unnoticed? It happens pretty often with untrained pets and puppies. If you install motion sensors on your door, windows, and cupboards, you can quickly know when your pet gets into trouble as it triggers an alarm as soon as they try to open them without you noticing.

Keep your home’s optimum for your pets

Pet owners are always worried about their pets being too cold or too hot and suffering in silence. Advanced home security systems have home automation features that allow you to control your thermostat’s temperature remotely. It helps you maintain the temperature of your house even in your absence to keep your pet cozy in all weathers.

Protect your pets against carbon monoxide poisoning

Electric appliances like heaters, furnaces, cookers, and other heating appliances that use coal and open fire can increase Carbon Monoxide (CO) in your home. CO poisoning can be deadly for your pets. Advanced smoke and monoxide monitoring systems allow you to monitor CO levels in your home and raise alerts as soon as it reaches threatening levels. You can also raise alarms even when you are not at home, as these systems can send custom alerts to your mobile phone.

About Alarmco Smart Home Security

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